Vape Pen Reviews – Top Three of the Best One Available Nowaday

Want to know which vape pen to invest in this 2014? If such is the case, then make sure that you get to know the top 3 brands considered to be the most worthy players in the industry of vaping nowadays.

Atmos Raw – The Number One Dry Herb Vape Pen in the Market Today

Even if you look for other reviews about the best pen-style vaporizers, you will still get the same information: the Atmos Raw (AtmosRx RAW Vaporizer) is definitely the number one dry herb pen-style vaporizer (it can also be used for glycerine and concentrates, by the way) currently being sold. In fact, many will tell you that they would never have thought of testing and trying out a pen that will make them give a perfect score. This has not happened until the release of the Atmos Rx Raw Vaporizer.

This particular vape pen brand has the easiest pull, the clearest taste, and needs the shortest time to release and produce great vapors. One of its greatest features is that it can be used not only for flowers, but also for concentrates – without you even having to change the device’s tank. The only thing that we can find criticizing is that its power button is a little too hard to find. Other than that, we love everything about this pen-style vaporizer.

  • Materials – Aluminum, Stainless Steel


  • Heating Component – Stainless Steel Coil, 375° to 450° Fahrenheit


  • Can Be Used With – Flowers, Glycerin, Concentrates

ThermoVape – Second Placer, But Great Nonetheless

The first thing that we want to comment on when it comes to Thermo Essence’s ThermoVape is that it comes with a multitude of various attachments in a wide array of kit variations. This has made us quite confused, but fortunately, since all of the variations are just based on a sole battery and body unit and have been manufactured using the same materials, we had the chance to review it with the same set of stats. All of the vape pen kits from this brand features a single base unit together with batteries, adapters, and chargers.

  • Materials – Aerospace-grade Aluminum (Cold-Finished and available in White and Black), Lead-Free and Nickel-Plated Brass, Delrin Plastic Polymer that has been Approved by the FDA


  • Heating Component – Wire, Aluminum and Brass Housing Ceramic,420° Fahrenheit


  • Can Be Used With –T1, Evolution (Flowers), Revolution (concentrates), Glycerin

G-Pen – Great Pulls, Smooth Hits

The G Pen, which is from Grenco Science, is a standard vape pen. However, its parts and components are not interchangeable with those of the other brands, unlike most of the other standard pens nowadays. The tank of the device makes use of wick and coil cartomizer. It can carry around 2 grams of concentrates, which can amount to about 400 puffs (that’s a lot of puff!). One of the best features of this particular pen-style vaporizer is its carrying case – it’s more of a small cigarette-style carrying case rather than the zippered ones that almost always come with standard pens. Aside from being FDA-registered, the device gives really great pulls and delivers extremely tasteful and smooth hits.

  • Materials – Stainless Steel Casing, Accents of Glass and Copper accents, Ceramic Bowl


  • Heating Component – Inert-Nickel, Aluminum-Alloy Coil


  • Can Be Used With – Glycerine, Concentrates